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Member Since 09/05/2017 18:47:14
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Last Updated 09/05/2017 19:08:45

Contact Info

Personal name: Jack
#1 QRZ: 19SDX
#2 QRZ: 19-SDX
Address: 19th Division / NL / Netherlands
Info & Personal Notes:

Hello CB friends on 11M! My name is Jack and I'm active since 1999 on the 11m band under many callsigns. 

Main frequency: 27555 USB

I'm monitoring the 11m daily. I'm not always actively calling because I'm just a QRP station and as you might know the sunspot cycle (11-year cycle that we rely on for DX) is almost at a low point. This will slowly get better towards 2022 so I hope there will be enough people staying with the hobby! 73's and hope to meet you on the frequency!

I'm a QRP low power station and this is by choice! I am DX oriented and love to make long distance contacts with minimal power. 
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