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Personal name: Paul walsh
#1 QRZ: 26mu876
#2 QRZ: 26FAT876
#3 QRZ: 26 OD876
Address: Leeds ,if you had ever made qso with me feel free to email me for my home address and i will 100% forward your qsl card many thanks paul 876 email [email protected]

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Hello let me introduce Myself my name is Paul and I am 48 years of age  I am currently

Living at Middleton Leeds west Yorkshire with my partner age 32 Debbie and daughters Hannah age 9 and poppy age 2, I was originally from Liverpool the birth place of the Beatles the city is about 72 miles away driving distance by car, I have been into cb radio for many years now, and since the young age of 13, the year of 1982 it was my late father who introduced me to cb radio my first set up at the time was the fm York 861 and the sharps am set and the dipole antenna! So now after all those years, I am still dx-ing again all over the world. My working conditions as follows the Mass DX5000 V5 –KPO-NM 532 power microphone Adonis  and the 503e base microphones the antenna is the siro 827 is about 55  feet from the ground, plus the g5rv long wire about 8 feet of the ground I do have other radios for my collection  two Cobra 148GTL DX 1 standard and the other radio modded and the jaws M2 AM , Plus If you have made any qso with my station feel free to ask for a qsl card or even if you’re an swl just log the details and send me an email to [email protected] /* */ plus




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