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Member Since 02/26/2009 00:28:22
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Contact Info

Personal name: Jeff
#1 QRZ: 2WR275
Address: Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA
Info & Personal Notes:

I'm getting to be one of the old timers on 11 Meters. Starting back in 1973, I have been involved in two-way communications since. My AM Handle is the Ghost Rider though I'm mostly reside on SSB gong by 275.

I also enjoy other aspects of radio communications but always remembered that my roots are here on the CB Band. With 39 years on this band alone I am starting to feel that I have been there and done that.

Interests: Radio Communications, Citizens Band, Amateur Radio, Radio repair and restoration, Antennas.

Equip: Galaxy DX-959 (AM/SSB), President HR2510 (AM/SSB/FM/CW), Sears RoadTalker 40 (40 AM/SSB)

Ant: 4 Ele MooNRaker, 5/8 Ground Plane.  

Website http://www.275GhostRider.com

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