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As one of the Very important Regions in a College facility, Restrooms should be appealing and functional.


Assessing the return on investment for bathroom accessories and bathroom partitions Is crucial, whether the job is new construction or renovation. Slimming down the prices of continuing bathroom attachment and bathroom partition maintenance, replacement and repair can aid a school supply appealing, practical facilities for students, staff and faculty in the lowest possible price over the long run.


The durability, maintainability and repairability of gear Can be a true chance for labour cost containment.


Think about the frequency of replacing or servicing accessories and partitions. What's the essence of this harm? Is the college only getting by with facilities that are more functional? Which are the particular equipment and labour costs associated with heavy use, vandalism and abuse?



Some pros and cons of different equipment versions, substance and Mounting configurations:


* Stainless-steel Toilet accessories


Stainless steel Offers moderate-to-good influence resistance, and Outstanding cleanability and rust resistance for paper towel dispensers and waste receptacles, sanitary napkin/tampon sellers and disposals, and toilet-tissue dispensers.


Other material selections contain plastic (ABS or plastic ) and Metal (painted, powder-coated or chrome-plated). Priced at roughly 50% less than stainless steel, these materials give the benefit of low first price. Some college centre managers, who anticipate heavy usage and misuse to take its toll immediately regardless of what, may favor these substances for the equally low replacement price.


* Warm-air hand sprays


These can be substantial money-savers - a 90 percent decrease In operating costs in comparison with paper towel use. In addition, for vandal-prone restrooms, they decrease maintenance cost by eliminating paper for plugging bathrooms, sinks and urinals, plus they minimize the access to combustible substances for starting fires. But, beware of versions with air-flow spouts which may be turned upward supplying a receptacle for fluids or paper.


A Huge Choice of cover materials can be obtained (recorded in Declining sequence of strength ): vitreous enamel/cast iron, drawn steel, painted/cast aluminum and molded plastics.


* Soap-dispensing Choices


An Assortment of bulk-soap dispensers, such as wall- and Mirror-mounted versions, can be obtained. Materials include vinyl, metal and stainless steel (accessible non invasive, vandal-resistant configurations). Also accessible are the methods in which small-cartridge plastic soap packs are supplied free of purchase contracts to the soap.


Massive cartridges of soap could be installed under a counter to Service around five countertop tops with 13,000 hand grips for heavy-traffic restroomsnonetheless, they're not suggested for exceptionally vandal-prone K-12 facilities. Instead, they are sometimes considered for restrooms adjacent to university and college commons and food-service operations. They considerably reduce maintenance labour expenses and nearly eliminate the issue of empty soap packs.


A vandal's fantasy


Toilet walls Will be the No. 1 target of vandals. Purchasing factors include: simplicity of graffiti removal without repainting; scrape, dent and gouge resistance; simplicity of repairability without compromising structural integrity; mounting setup durability; accessibility of heavy duty, stainless-steel with through-bolted attachments and factory-installed inserts; moisture resistance to hose-down upkeep in locker rooms and close to swimming pools; and fire-code compliance wherever needed or desired.



The five fundamental substances:


* Strong phenolic


Considered one of the most lasting, strong phenolic provides Excellent structural stability; is resistant to impact, graffiti and moisture; and is defined where greatest vandal resistance is necessary. Marks wipe out with solvent out of the ultra-hard panel, door and stile surfaces without any ghosting. Most manufacturers supply a huge number of colours, and Class A and B fire-code compliance are all readily available.


* Strong color augmented composite (SCRC)


SCRC provides All the performance features of sound Phenolic and has solid color throughout, very similar to plastic. Because of this, it eases outstanding repairability and superior graffiti removal without ghosting. A limited number of colours can be obtained. SCRC is Class B fire-rated and leads to LEED application certificate.


* Strong plastic


Polyethylene (HDPE) is Suitable for high-traffic washrooms And where hose-down care is done. It delivers a good colour core and great structural integrity. But, its soft, porous substance is rather vulnerable to scratches, ghosting and graffiti, which may be removed by melting or melting the affected regions. A moderate amount of colours is offered. Standard HDPE isn't accessible with a flame rating.


* Laminated plastic


A considerable assortment of shades and patterns can be obtained. Appliances, doorways and stiles are manufactured using a center of heavy duty particleboard. It's resistant to impact, graffiti, rust and scratches. Users must prevent installation where hose-down care is necessary. Laminated vinyl is Class B flame - rated.


* Hollow-core metal


Two Big benefits: a wide Selection of colour options and low Price. Proper programs are low-use restrooms for staff and faculty. Beware, however, since this substance is exposed to scratching, graffiti, corrosion and rust. Class A fire rating is supplied.


Three fundamental hardware substances can be found: Zamak, stainless Steel and aluminum, with a few manufacturers that offer heavy-duty hardware packs with constant, full-height door hinges and U-channels. Added hardware factors include welded steel core and steel angle bar stile foundations, through-bolted attachments and factory-installed threaded inserts.


Mounting configurations include overhead-braced (the most Stable), floor-anchored, ceiling-hung (eases flooring upkeep ), floor-to-ceiling anchored and barrier-free.


Gettelman is manager of advertising, Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc., North Hollywood, Calif..




The five fundamental substances for bathroom walls:












Children's reach ranges


Refer to those graphs to Locate toilet specifications inside the Awarded ADAAG ranges which are most approriate for a particular children's age category.


Specifications for Water Closets Serving Children Ages 3 to 12


Washroom manual updates


Revised several times because the Introduction of ADAAG in 1990, the Accessibility instructions for washrooms now incorporate the U.S. Access Board's Building Elements Style for Children's Use. Including children's reach Ranges and water closet, toilet chair, Catch bar and toilet-tissue Dispenser centerlines and peaks by era. The data can be found as guidelines Only and haven't yet been embraced by the U.S. Department of Justice. Accordingly, although they Aren't yet"enforceable," they really do provide Advice for future renovation and new building.


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