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Mention veal delicious no one knows the titles bullock, Cu Chi became famous near and far. Long since, bullock has become the specialty of Cu Chi suburban district of Ho Chi Minh city. This place has the grassland specialist grazing cows, with calves. The calf about 5 months old, little low, still soft undercoat on the body is the specialty of Cu Chi. They are carefully selected, as in the bullock, the cow was chosen as the food to be the healthiest, just the right size. Bullock most popular dish is boiled beef. The steak has just been taken away, boiled in water add a little ginger, when cooked the meat is very firm, aromatic and sweet, soft. Beef special silk delicious dish is roast beef. The delicious steak is cut into small cubes, thicken with two fingers, then marinate in seasonings for 30 minutes for infiltration spices, and then strung on bamboo skewers, just a piece of meat again interposed onions, vegetables, mushrooms and roasted on charcoal red pink. The smell of barbecue, fragrant spread that customers constantly swallowing saliva. The meat is cooked to eat immediately when drawn from the skewer, and eat big pieces of meat soft and sweet to hard to describe. Food does not have delicious when eat the same kinds of forest vegetables wrapped in rice paper, then the more delicious, eat more also not bored.
In addition, veal is also processed into many other dishes too are quite diverse as beef dipped in wort, beef, grilling, caring, beef tripe steamed with ginger, shore, silk baking co have beef vector stock lemongrass bold taste, also porridge, construction, cow, nutritious, with beef tendon, hoof, beef is stewed carefully added with peanuts, green beans, sweet potatoes, mi, when the porridge boils again add the vegetables fresh to as pennywort, spinach, reform to. Gift this porridge must say taste very special, sweet, fresh, back, fleshy, fragrant, fat, fat.
 Coming to Cu Chi, you can visit the shop special product of the bullock's famous as a Spring Peach, Peach on highway 22 to enjoy the delicious dishes from bullock.
Source: Du Lich
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