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Some common questions and tips when using LINE Here - A sharing locations in groups for Android
LINE Here for Android is an app of sharing locations in groups. In other words, it allows users to easily track relatives and friends’ locations in real time without having to text or call them. When using this app, people often encounter some questions. So this article will help them answer the questions with some tips so they can use the app more easily.

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Can I use LINE Here with my Facebook or LINE account?

Yes, you can use LINE Here with 2 types of accounts to log in to the app. This is also the fastest way to select and invite other users. Please select the account you want to use at the login screen.

Can LINE Here be used without a Facebook or Line account?

You must have one of these two account types.

If I delete the LINE account, can LINE Here still work?

Your LINE Here account is tied to the LINE account. Therefore, if you delete the LINE account, LINE Here account will also be automatically deleted.

Share location

How to share locations

When you share a place, an offer is given from the other side. Please follow the steps below to invite members to share locations:

Touch the 3 dashes icon on the upper left of the main screen.
Touch the + sign icon to invite friends to share the location.

You can invite members from other social networking apps that are available on your devices such as LINE, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, or Kakaotalk.

Can’t find the invitation link that another member sent me

Please check on the social networking apps that you have received the link. The link is only valid for one day.

Change the time to share locations

Standard time is two hours. When the time is up, the room will automatically disappear. If you are a member of the room, you can change the time to share this location.

A member's location does not appear on the map

Probably because they stopped sharing the location or they left the room.

Leave a specific room

To leave the chat room/group, please follow these steps:

Touch the V icon in the top right corner of the main screen.

Touch the Leave button (leave the room).

In case a member leaves the room, all her/his information will be deleted.

Location is not updated

Please check the following steps if your location is not up to date:

Network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE).

GPS connection.

How to share the location in the correct way

LINE Here uses GPS, so sometimes location data is incorrect. Depending on the location around (inside the building), the accuracy will be reduced.

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Notify location

Location notification settings

To receive notifications of any member who comes or leaves a registered place, please follow these steps:

Touch the V icon on the top right of the main screen.
Go to Places> select compatible map> select Notify Me.

Do other users know if you choose to receive notifications from specific users?

Other members will not know.

Car icons next to members' profile pictures

LINE Here predicts members' means of transportation based on their speed. If they are moving at 2-10 km per hour, the Walk icon will be displayed, and if they move faster than 10 km/h, then the Drive icon will be displayed.

The Battery icon appears near the member's profile

This icon will be displayed if the member's device has less than 20% battery. The app will announce that the sharing location will be interrupted due to low battery.

Symbol ! on photos of members

This means their device cannot be found. It may be because their device is out of battery, GPS is not working, they are not connected to the network or the device is in sleep mode, etc.

We hope that the article will be useful for you. Cheers!

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