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Personal name: Mauro
#1 QRZ: 1gir065
Address: Via Colbricon 9 38054 Primiero San Martino di Castrozza
Locator JN56VG
Info & Personal Notes:

Hi my name is Mauro, my passion for the radio, was manifested again in 1984, when I was in Germany for work, and that's where I bought my first cb, a device with 12 channels and 0.5 watts of power, then that was granted in Germany, then I returned to Italy and for a few years I used that apparatus, then the military arrived and for various reasons I briefly stopped with the radio activity. In 1992 I bought back an Intek Tornado 34S if I immediately applied as an SWL, and until the early 2000s I continued with the activity, then again family problems and then the activity had to be set aside, but always remaining with a part of me close and that fantastic world, then came the fateful 2018 where I put my old Intek back, I bought other devices and now I'm getting ready to take the OM exam, but I firmly believe that the 27 or 11 meters as you defines, always remains an old but dear love to keep.

My current station consists of:
Yaesu FTdx 1200 with SCU 17;
Yaesu MD-100 table-top microphone;
Wide Range Monitor AR-2500 Monitor
Dualband VHF-UHF Zastone D9000;
Dualband VHF-UHF Icon IC-W2E;
Dualband VHF-UHF Wouxon KG-UV9D Plus
CB Intek Tornado 34S;
SADELTA MP-22 table microphone;
Self built Antenna Spin 11 Meters inverted v-shaped;
Self built magnetic loop from 12 to 80 meters;
Self built vertical dipole for 11 meters;
2 self built Dualband VHF-UHF antennas;
Boomerang antenna for 11 meters of the sigma.
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