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WALDEMAR    28 February 2013 12:47 | JO91SW
Hi all I hope you will hear on the air GREETS SK 161 285 OP WALDEMAR POLAND

Robin    17 February 2013 17:06 |
hello and all the best from germany...good proatation to everyone and all the best all the time good dxing and fun

13ct256 mr.robin germany

Don    16 February 2013 19:11 | Rodeo, California
Nice website, thank you for contact 2/8/13, Don 2WR220/2LV220 California.

Martin    04 February 2013 06:15 | Mexico
Saludos a todos, espero escucharlos en frecuencia.

73s de Martin 10MU125

Jack Bogacki    29 January 2013 07:19 | jo90lj
Helo world:) 73

Phil    28 January 2013 20:22 | Clyde, Ohio U.S.A

Check out the Papa Tango DX Club at:


(((Use the discussions and introduce yourself!)))

14RC446 by 14ET446 C    12 December 2012 15:35 | LOC.JN 04QS DEPT 46 LOT FRANCE
http://www.youtube / 14RC446
bonjour a tous , je vous souhaites de passer un JOYEUX NOEL ainsi que une bonne annee 2013 santé est prospérité
PS .MERCI A 91AU001 pour ça QSL 100/° RECUE
J'attend toujours les autres ...

14ET446    24 November 2012 11:53 |
BONJOUR juste pou signler
le non retour de QSL des stations suivante sur mon LOG BOOG DE 2012
153 E 251 (by 153SD253 ) qso du 20/01/12..56SB001 qso du 05.02.12 :: 24.05.12 347AT116 QSO DU.24.03.123..306MU /ED136 LE 08.06.12 ..1AT/TA004 LE25.07.12..14ZK600912 LE09.08.12 ..300ED/SO LE 1.09.12..91 AU 001 cela est quand méme malheureux de réclamer des QSLs une QSL PROMISE EST UNE QSL DUE !!
pour ma part quand on me demande une QSL je l'envoie tout de suite dans la semaine du QSO quand je voie que j'attend des qsls depuis presque 11 moi ICI vous avez MES QRZ alors controler vos log

Daryl Dizzy Taylor    16 November 2012 14:27 |
just want to know can ya log calls on hear ? it ant as good as the Ham QRZ is it

Marco    14 November 2012 11:09 |
1WD121 Mark
E' triste aspettare qsl che non arrivano.
Tutto scorretto!
Ho mandato2QSL e contribuzione al Mananger di 154ET001,Daniel161ET002.
Sono passati 2 mesi ma la QSL di ritorno non e'arrivata.
Contattato via Email Mr Daniel,mi ha risposto che sara' per la prossima volta!!
Spero sia stata una cattiva espressione di Daniel,ne va della buona immagine del Gruppo Eco Tango Polonia.
Devo dire che sempre ho ricevuto le qsl dgli operatori Eco Tango,ma questa volta resto turbato.
Vorrei ricordare anche a 304EP Mr Evo ESTONIA,che anche a me piacciono le qsl COME PIACCIONO A LUI,MA ATTENDO LA SUA qsl Di RITORNO.
Bisogna SEMPRE spedire le qsl di ritorno per dimostrare di essere ottimi operatori radio.
1WD121 .Sempre 100% QSL di ritorno e NO CONTRIBUZIONE per me,Grazie.
Buona Fortuna

Marco    14 November 2012 11:02 |
1WD121 Mark
It 's sad to wait qsl that do not arrive.
All wrong!
I mandato2QSL and contribution to Mananger of 154ET001, Daniel161ET002.
It's been 2 months but did not return QSL e'arrivata.
Email contacted by Mr Daniel, he said that will be 'the next time!
I hope it was a bad expression of Daniel, it is the good image of the Group Echo Tango Poland.
I have to say that I have always received qsl operators of Foreign Eco Tango, but this time the rest upset.
I should mention also 304EP Mr Ages ESTONIA, that I like the qsl AS LIKE HIM, BUT I await your qsl Of RETURN.
You should ALWAYS send the QSL return to prove that good radio operators.
1WD121. Always 100% QSL return and NO CONTRIBUTION for me, thank you.
good Luck

nick    12 November 2012 18:17 | stafforshire uk
hiya all new operator here 26tm897 hope to hear and make cntact with a lot of you soon ,73,s and good dx

Fred 14SD001    29 October 2012 08:54 |
A very good tool !
Well done

Best 73's

Fred 14SD001

leonardo    21 October 2012 21:04 |
interesting for the cluster and database of calls on 11 meters, only a thing i can see a false account with my call, 1 AT 365 op.name Giovanni, not answer to him because it's a false. The real 1 AT 365 it's op.name Leonardo north italy.

Tony    17 October 2012 22:04 | Netherlands
Hello all.
Lets talk together

37RD001    30 September 2012 18:25 |
1-AT-174, Tnx For Contac, And Goo Dx. 73`s

37RD001    30 September 2012 18:18 | Repùblica Dominicana

EricExtreme    29 September 2012 22:27 | Auburn, Massachusetts
Great site! I wish everyone put in their call signs worldwide!

brian cross    28 September 2012 15:20 | Indiana
Im new here. Making lots of contacts of late and just joined. Keep your ears open for 2wr838

Carsten    18 September 2012 21:47 |
Hi @ All,
i be back on Freeband... ;-)

13OD157/Mobil Op.Carsten

bahha    15 July 2012 16:51 |
thanx so much for giving us this sopportunity to get in touch with all our QX11 friends on the net
all the best for you all 73s 51 Mohamed

Hugo    20 June 2012 18:06 | Portugal
Good DX and 73/51 at all frequencies and that are in the Contest, thanks for the contacts and even a crossing near the antennas. BYE BYE

A hug 31PAT167

Hugo    15 June 2012 13:42 | Portugal
Hello to all those who are Amateur Radio, and I send QSL cards, I wish to express my gratitude for so many QSL cards that I send, and hopefully very THANK please submit, for I also will not stop send, especially to those who sent me and even those who do not send, QSL cards for me. 73/51 for all Amateur Radios, those who do not send and especially send QSL cards for me, and good DX to all, and they are all very happy at Radio Amateurism and YOUR LIFE, once again thank you very much .

A Hug, Hugo A.

none    13 May 2012 01:00 |
hi all you diks esp marty

edward matwiejczyk    06 May 2012 00:00 |
73s 51 to all happy dxing 26pm20 swindon uk

Marcos    04 April 2012 22:35 |
5 ET 110 QSO 39 SD 101
QRA: ALFREDO 5/7 FREC: 27570 SSB UTC: 20:30

Marty    01 April 2012 17:50 |

Marty    01 April 2012 17:43 | CO ANTRIM
Best 73s and good dx to all from the Emerald isle

Angel Oscar Delta    31 March 2012 01:46 | Puerto Rico
Hello to all friend in this page QRZ.11net.Good DX's

Hugo Almeida    19 March 2012 13:47 |
Hello everyone i´m in Qrz11.net, and my web site is www.31pat167.webnode.pt, contact me if you want to send a QSL card, or visit my web site, 73/51 good DX for all and tank you very much.

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